LED Drivers and Power Supplies

Choose from a huge selection of transformers and power supplies for LED and fluorescent fixtures. LED drivers, power supplies and landscape drivers are used for general purposes to convert line voltage to low voltage requirements. Emergency drivers and AC power systems are used as backup power sources during emergencies. Class II rated drivers available.

Power Supplies

General power supplies and transformers use 120-277V input voltage and convert it to lower 12V or 24V output voltage for compatible fixtures. Choose from magnetic power supplies, electronic power supplies and direct plug-in power supplies.

LED Drivers

LED transformers are placed inside LED fixtures to provide 12V or 24V power. Output currents can be AC or DC currents. LED drivers can be dimmable and compatible with most low voltage dimmers.

Emergency Drivers

Emergency ballasts and drivers provide extended power to fixtures during power outages or when the main power goes off. Battery backups typically provide up to 90 minutes of power at a lower output. Emergency drivers come in handy during fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

AC Power Systems

Compact interruptible power systems are used to create emergency lighting systems. Standby power systems use 120-277V line voltage as both input and output to power light fixtures.

Landscape Power Supplies

Power supplies used for landscape lighting are especially rated IP65 for both indoor and outdoor use. Landscape magnetic transformers are made of non-corrosive material and can carry higher wattages.