LED Retrofit Bulbs for HID Fixtures

LED retrofit kits offer an instant upgrade from metal halide and halogen commercial fixtures. These LED lamps are perfect for retrofitting outdoor shoebox, area, flood, bollard, post top, wall pack, high bay and low bay applications. LED retrofit bulbs are easy to install with an Edison E26 or Mogul E39 base. These can also be mounted upward, downward or horizontal direction. Choose from ballast compatible direct replacement bulbs or bypass ballast bulbs. They require low maintenance and longer rate life for more energy and cost savings.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for HID Wall Pack

Traditional HID and metal halide wall packs can be replaced with LED retrofit bulbs. LED retrofit kits for wall pack can replace up to 400W metal halide or HPS wall packs for better cost and energy savings. LED retrofit bulbs reach more than 10000 lumens for lighting the side of buildings and walkways.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for Shoebox Area / Post Top

LED retrofit bulbs can replace metal halide or HPS shoebox area lights, flood lights and post top lights. LED retrofit for area and post top have omni-directional beam angle and can cover large areas. LED bulbs can easily fit into shoebox fixtures or post top lamps so they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. LED retrofit bulbs for post top fixtures have the option of coming with an external driver.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for Bollard / Mini Post Top

LED bulbs can also be retrofitted for bollards and mini post top lamps. These low wattage LED retrofit bulbs can be used for walkways, parks, and small-scale street lighting. Replace up to 150W metal halide or HPS bollards for brighter and evenly distributed area lighting.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for Low Bay / High Bay

Replace traditional metal halide or fluorescent high bays with LED retrofit high bay or low bay lamps. LED retrofit bulbs can replace up to 1000 watts for high bays and 400 watts for low bay and parking garage applications. Switch to retfrofit LED bulbs for warehouses, gymnasiums, arenas and factories.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for HID Fixtures
LED Retrofit Bulbs for HID Fixtures